Wanted: High-Skilled Linguist for Earning Money 

…or 10 sec to find a great linguist

Today thanks to a Ukrainian startup, specialists of language studies and those who need their service are able to find each other easily and do a great work together while earning the money. Just launched.

March 24, 2015 the project for linguists 2 polyglot.com started its own way in the Internet. It bands lingualancers and linguasearchers of four categories exclusively: translators, copywriters, guides and tutors. Such a focused specialization is intended to make freelance easier and more effective that equals budget and time economy for employers and good income for employees. 2polyglot is created to make people wealthier and more satisfied with results of their work.

10 seconds. 1/6 of a minute. 1/360 of an hour. This much you, as work giver, will spend to understand if candidate accords with your request. The 2 polyglot team is confident in high quality service of its users, so it wants customers to be sure that if you are not satisfied with a result, you’ll get your money back.

As a professional linguist, you are be able to demonstrate you strong skills by uploading a portfolio, certificates, etc., by rising a profile ranking, by getting comments from grateful clients and to get relevant work offers as a result. 2polyglot is a fair project. So the better expert you are the more opportunities and incomes you have.

The platform will run in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese and will keep free of charge after the launch.